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Hijab for Muslim Men: Lower your Gaze :: Special Islamic Reminder

Posted on: December 20, 2011

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

Hijab for Muslim Men: Lower your Gaze

“There was a companion of ours in Glasgow who became ill and was hospitalized. He was admitted for three days and on the fourth day the attendant nurse said, “Marry me”.He [the brother in Glasgow] asked, “Why? I am a Muslim, you and I cannot become companions.”She said, “I will become Muslim”.”What’s the reason?” it was asked.

She said, “In all my time that I have served in hospitals, except you, I have never seen a man lower his gaze in front of a woman. In my life you are the first person who lowers his gaze when seeing a woman. I come, and you close your eyes. Such great modesty can be taught by none other than a true religion.”

The protection of one’s gaze entered Islam in her. She testified to the Oneness of Allah (3aza wajal) and became a Muslim. They both got married. By now, the same woman was and is the means of bringing so many other girls and women into Islam.

The Prophet (sal allah alayhi wasalam) considered hungry and lustful looks at a person of the opposite sex as “the zina of the eye,” according to his saying, “The eyes also commit zina, and their zina is the lustful look.” (Reported by al-Bukhari and others.)

The Prophet (sal allah alayhi wasalam) told ‘All ibn Abu Talib, “Ali, do not let a second look follow the first. The first look is allowed to you but not the second.”(Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daoud, and al-Tirmidhi.)

Request : I request all muslim brothers to remove there pictures from facebook profiles,you are a fitna for sisters not only this…You encourage them to upload there own pictures. so,Pls Remove your pictures,Hijab is must for men too..

In Search of Beautiful Body :: Hijab

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5 Responses to "Hijab for Muslim Men: Lower your Gaze :: Special Islamic Reminder"

I’m practicing Muslim and find this writing nauseous. The writer seems to have an inferiority complex about the religion he practices, that can only be satisfied by approval of a Scottish nurse fantasy.

Stop being so obsessed with sex . Show some manly self-control and look a nurse in the eye as health professional and not a sex object. You are one very sad pathetic “Muslim”


Dear User,

He is not seeing women as a sex object.

Look, men are supposed to lower their gaze because of modesty. Because of shame and self-effacement.

They are not thinking “oh here comes a woman! Quickly look away before you start raping her!!” or something of that sort. They are not people who fall in deep and utter love after just having SEEN that woman. They do not feel uncontrollably urged to see her and to marvel over her.

He didn’t write this article to boast on how the nurse is now totally into his friend and hes not trying to give other men the advice:
“Lower your gaze, women love that!”

Hes wanting to show how positive modesty is. As a european Muslim, I often feel bad after I don’t reply to people of the other sex with not as much enthusiasm and charm as they talked to me. To me, this article is supposed to be a sort of console to other muslims. A sort of console which reminds us that doing good will only bring good about. That being good is only going to affect others positively. The good of the Quran is the universal good. Even the Kafirun approve of it when they see it (and understand the logic behind it).

Though, you’re right, in a way. But only in a way.
He did not have to close his eyes when she came in, yes. He could just have lowered his gaze.
But the only thing you’re right in and you know what? I find it 100000 time better that he closed his eyes.

I as a woman cannot know when a man looks at me out of mere interest or out of dirty intentions. I feel stupid and weird when I see men look at me and i directly look away and leave the room. I do not even want to start with this boy- girl thing. This whole “friendship” story. Not because I couldn’t help thinking about being in bed with them but because friendship between a man and a woman is complex. Its complex because they do not understand each other, its complex because they are attracted to people of the same gender. Complex relationships don’t last long because of misunderstandings and fights. So how do you solve this problem, how do you clear misunderstandings? You talk with them, talk with them a lot. You will resolute together and build up trust.
You will trust them and they will trust you. Sooner or later you will trust them just as much or maybe even more than your own same-gender friends. This is when barriers break. You cannot make a man a woman or a woman a man. They cannot switch roles either.
I don’t ever want to be even the slightest inch on this way and neither does this guy who lowers his gaze. He doesnt want to be 20000000000000 miles near a sinful action! He want to be in the farthest opposite direction from it!

Once you understand this point of view you are not going to understand the good behind it. I know your point of view well, I’ve had it myself to be honest! But The other way is surely the most beautiful way.


May Allha give us efforts to do this…


Wow very nice


May Allah grant us more wisdom, health & faith in propagating His religion.


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