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Is the clock ticking on your family Trust? | Gentrification | Securing Property Bargains | Rezoning Hotspots


Family trusts have been around for centuries but few investors know that trusts have a lifespan and the clock is ticking. So what happens when they expire? Rob Balanda reveals all and if you have a family trust or plan to set one up, don’t miss what he has to say.

What determines that an area should be or is about to be gentrified? According to Peter Koilizos, many investors have jumped in thinking an area is about to be transformed only to find out several years down the track that it was never going to happen because the fundamentals were never there. Peter tells us what to look out for.

Pete Wargent tells us about a new report shows that 64 percent of Chinese millionaires have either emigrated or plan to emigrate—taking their spending and fortunes with them. Pete explains what this means to Australian property prices.

We wanted to find out how you can find and secure good properties at bargain prices. Shannon Davis is a buyers agent from Metropole Property Strategists in Brisbane who does this for property investors including his family, friends and even for himself. We asked him to tell us how he does it and he shares some surprising ways – ways that were very new to us.

Hotpotting’s Terry Ryder says this year it will be possible for property owners to create wealth in as a result of changes to town plans in major cities around the nation. Terry identifies where, what and how.

Also this week we have news about ‘unhappy buildings’ that is where those living in strata communities find themselves in dispute. Michael Teys updates us on that development and we tell you how some property sellers do things the wrong way around and how to reduce the risk when selling and buying properties – especially your principal place of residence.

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